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Select articles and radio stories


The Los Angeles Review of Books

The Flaws of Memory 


The Atlantic

The 'Un-Mosquing' of American Muslims


The Los Angeles Review of Books

In Dialogue with Dogma: Women Doing Battle with Religion



Not All Irish Are Enjoying the Nation's Economic Recovery 



After Scandals, Ireland is No Longer 'Most Catholic Country in the World'



As More Irish Turn Away from Catholicism, Parents Call for Non-Religious Schools


The Los Angeles Review of Books

"The Little Mermaid" and Other Tales of Becoming


Interfaith Voices Radio 

Muslims Describe life under Narendra Modi, the man who may be India's Prime Minister


Foreign Policy Magazine

The Silence in Delhi


Washington Post Outlook

How India's Rapid Changes Are Putting Women at Risk


The Guardian Weekend

Husband, By Arrangement


The Washingtonian

A profile of the unofficial Pakistani Ambassador to the U.S.


National Public Radio

Three books that convey the complexity of caste.


Caravan Magazine

The Indian lobby in Washington: How Delhi buys influence with the US government.



How a husband is necessary in Delhi if you want to rent a room.


Washington Post Outlook

A look at climate change in India.


PRI’s The World

India’s Muslim community: A three-part series.


The National

Pakistan’s lobby in Washington.



Campaign for the Common Man: Understanding Indian election politics.


Marketplace Radio

Managing the household in New Delhi

In India, being a homemaker doesn’t just require elbow grease. Running a home takes some serious managerial skills.


Marketplace Radio

Caught in the caste system

Reporter Miranda Kennedy recalls how she was pressured into observing India’s caste system against her will.

Miranda Kennedy